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'Government is failing benefit claimants with mental health problems'

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'Government is failing benefit claimants with mental health problems'


Published by Anonymous for in Health and also in Central Government

Economic downturn could cause mental health 'crisis' Economic downturn could cause mental health 'crisis'

The UK government is failing benefit claimants with mental health problems, the Scottish National Party has claimed.

SNP work and pensions spokesperson Dr Eilidh Whiteford condemned the coalition's work capability assessment (WCA) for its shortcomings with regard to people with mental health conditions, during a debate at Westminster Hall this week.

Concerns have been raised by mental healthcare professionals that WCA doesn't capture the impact of more serious mental illnesses on a person’s capacity to function in a working environment - leading to poor decision-making.

According to a freedom of information request, in 2013, 58% of ESA claimants hit by sanctions were vulnerable people with a mental health condition or learning difficulty - an increase from 35% of sanctioned claimants in 2009 – indicating that people with mental health problems are being inappropriately sanctioned.

Dr Whiteford MP said: “The UK government must do more to help some of society’s most vulnerable people.

“I have seen an increasing stream of people with quite serious mental illnesses over the last couple of years who are falling through our now very frayed social safety net because of Welfare Reforms.

"I’m sure it goes without saying that many people with a mental illness won’t ever need to depend on the benefits system. But some of those with more severe mental illnesses do require support, and some of them are extremely vulnerable.

“A key problem is that too often assessors and decision makers have little or no relevant background information about claimants' complex medical histories, and too rarely seek input or opinions from claimants’ clinicians.

“A report recently published by the Scottish Association for Mental Health, SAMH, details findings on how the experiences of living in poverty affect peoples’ mental health, and how SAMH service users with mental health problems have been affected by UK government welfare reforms.

"A truly shocking finding was that 98% of respondents said that welfare reforms were impacting on their mental health, including increased stress and anxiety, while 79% were facing financial impacts such as reduced income.

“In six cases reported to the 2013 survey, SAMH staff had to carry out suicide interventions directly related to the welfare reforms.

“The information is there in black and white, and the UK government cannot continue to ignore it.”


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