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Opinion: Food banks make me sick

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Opinion: Food banks make me sick


Published by Anonymous for in Health and also in Communities

Woodside youngsters cook up a treat for older residents Woodside youngsters cook up a treat for older residents

Something that always gets up my nose is the sight of somebody in a wheelchair. It always strikes me as a waste of money, no doubt some of it mine. After all, why do disabled people even need wheelchairs? Why can’t they just crawl along in the gutter, dragging themselves over the filthy macadam?

Likewise, when I see an ambulance hurtling along, I think: What a waste of resources. Why can’t people try harder to avoid ailments and accidents? What’s wrong with everyone?

So, I was very impressed with the Mail on Sunday’s devastating piece of investigative journalism that probed the sinister world of food banks.

Food banks exist to supply people who are struggling to provide themselves and their families with something to eat with something to eat. A hateful business.

The MoS’s brilliantly insightful and penetrative feature discovered that people can just turn up at one of the Trussell Trust’s food banks and claim a free meal – without being thoroughly scrutinised.

Just as appalling, some fiends have been claiming more than nine food parcels a year – in contravention of the charity’s own rules!

You’d have a thought that this expertly concocted piece of undercover hackwork would have opened the public’s eyes to the nefarious goings-on down at the Trussell Trust and there would have been an appropriate outcry.

But no! A wave of revulsion at the report led to the charity receiving a huge amount of donations from the public.

How bizarre and obscene.

The MoS is quite right to draw attention to the Trussell Trust’s ‘political agenda’. After all, the Tory-led coalition’s welfare reforms plus madly escalating house prices and rent costs very probably have fuelled the rise in food bank use.

And this means that the government’s policies are working: people can’t afford to eat.

However, what the MoS is just too damn polite to say is, like wheelchair users apparently ‘needing’ wheelchairs, do poor people really need food? What about the merits of thrift, and scurvy?

Nearly 1,000,000 Brits have turned to the Trussell Trust for food assistance so far in 2013-14. Aren’t you proud?


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