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Homelessness charity launches iPhone game

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Homelessness charity launches iPhone game


Published by Porchlight for Porchlight in Health and also in Communities, Education, Housing

Porchlight iPhone Game Porchlight iPhone Game

Leading homelessness charity Porchlight has launched an iPhone game to raise awareness of the issues faced by rough sleepers and to encourage members of the public to call them if they know anyone who needs help.

‘Don’t Just Walk Past’, which is available to download for free from the Apple App Store from today, tasks you with completing a series of mini-games representing a week on the streets in order to “learn more about the practical issues, situations and emotions faced by rough sleepers.”

Developed pro bono by Tonbridge-based company Caboodle Corporate, the App features two playable characters, Jon and Sarah, who through different circumstances have ended up having to call the streets their home.

As you progress through the week, your success in the mini games determines your state of physical and mental health. No matter how successful you are in the games, on the seventh day you find Porchlight.

Charity spokesperson, Mark Parry, says that structure of the game delivers and important message: “Rough sleepers often have a lot of complex needs and are in varying states of physical and mental health. No matter how bad things are, we are here to help them.”

“We wanted to develop a game that showed the practical issues faced by rough sleepers as well as the isolation they often feel, even in very public places. I think Caboodle Corporate has done a fantastic job of getting this across in a simple and clear way. I would ask anyone who is homeless or anyone who knows someone facing homelessness or housing issues to call us as soon as possible.”

Louise Lynes, project manager at Caboodle Corporate, said: “Caboodle Corporate are delighted to have been able to work with Porchlight to develop the ‘Don’t Just Walk Past’ App. 

“With quite a broad brief our development team got fully behind the project, designing and developing a short role-play game aimed at making people think about the challenges rough sleepers face on the streets today. We hope people will enjoy playing App; will think twice before walking past, and will join us in supporting this vital, local charity.”

To download the game search “Porchlight” on App store


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