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World's most travelled man to hand out thermal clothing to London's young homeless

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World's most travelled man to hand out thermal clothing to London's young homeless


Published by Max Salsbury for in Health and also in Environment

Snow and blizzards 'set to hit UK' Snow and blizzards 'set to hit UK'

The world's most travelled man is set to donate thousands of pieces of thermal clothing and hats to vulnerable and homeless young people.

Fred Finn, who holds the Guinness World Record for most miles travelled and who has visited some of the coldest countries, will fly to the UK specially to handover the thermal clothing and to swap tips with residents at City YMCA London.

With this winter forecast to be one of the most severe to hit Britain to date, the country's 16,000 homeless young people are set to face a particularly tough time.

Some believe there will be above-average snowfall, bitter arctic gales and plunging temperatures until February.

With the help of British online retailers, Mr Finn will be distributing 1,500 free hats and thermals worth a total £8,250.

The 71-year-old, now a resident of Ukraine, has tested the company’s products in some of the coldest places on the planet, including his hometown where winter temperatures often reach -20 degrees.

He said: “I have been travelling for over 52 years and visited 139 countries including Canada, which is the coldest place I’ve ever been with temperatures reaching -40 degrees.

“The trick to surviving the cold is to wrap up warm and wear more layers. Far too many people overlook the benefits something as simple as putting on an extra layer of thermals. The FLOSO thermals have probably saved my life on many occasions in many different countries where temperatures would otherwise been unbearable.”

Suzi Browne, spokesperson for YMCA England, said: “Christmas and the winter months can be particularly difficult for those who are sleeping rough or in low income homes and unable to afford the rising costs of heating. While no-one should be in a position where they feel they have no choice but to sleep on the streets or choose between heating or eating, this is sadly the daily reality for a growing number of people. We are very grateful to Fred Finn and Universal Textiles for their kind donation, which will be distributed via YMCA services and drop in centres to those who need it most.”


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