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Hungry UK: Over half a million people turn to food banks since April

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Hungry UK: Over half a million people turn to food banks since April


Published by Max Salsbury for in Health and also in Communities, Housing

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Over 500,000 people in the UK have been forced to turn to food banks since April - the month a raft of government cuts to welfare kicked in.

On the day of the chancellor's autumn statement, the Trussell Trust, an organisation that works to combat poverty across the country, has warned that urgent action is needed to tackle the problem of individuals and families that cannot afford to feed themselves.

The Trust's chief executive chairman, Chris Mould, said: "We’re glad that the economy appears to have turned a corner, but we can’t ignore the reality for millions of British citizens who are facing a tougher winter than ever. Real wages are down, the cost of food is rising rapidly and so is the cost of heating your home. Recovery is not filtering down.

"Low-income families are teetering on a financial knife-edge. Today numbers given three days’ emergency food by Trussell Trust food banks since April topped 500,000. That’s why we need urgent cross-party action on food poverty, and why we are calling for an inquiry into the causes of UK hunger.

"Public support for this week’s petition by Jack Monroe asking for UK hunger to be debated in parliament has been phenomenal. It proves that ordinary people are deeply concerned about the distressing poverty they’re seeing in their communities. We’re delighted that Labour has just announced an Opposition Day debate on foodbanks and UK hunger on 18th December. It’s an important first step in paying this urgent issue the attention it deserves."


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