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UK's homes under siege - from kids

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UK's homes under siege - from kids


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UK's homes under siege - from kids UK's homes under siege - from kids

The UK's kids cause an average of £176 worth of damage to their parents' homes each year, equating to over £3,150  in destruction over the course of a childhood, new figures have shown.

According to Policy Expert's research, more than a quarter (26%) of the mayhem is damage to paintwork or interior decor, followed by carpets and upholstery (19%) and furniture (9%).

Of the parents surveyed, nearly a quarter (24%) said their children had caused damage in the home in the last year, with one in seven (14%) causing more than £500 of damage.

The survey found that the top excuse for this mischief in the home is ‘It wasn’t me’ (22%).

More inventive excuses included blaming ‘a swarm of bees’, suggesting that ‘Peppa Pig and all of her friends started jumping on the sofa’ and that ‘the fairies told me to’.

Adam Powell, head of operations at Policy Expert, said: “Kids are great at testing their parents’ patience, as well as the durability of their home, whether it’s decorating the walls with crayons or using the sofa as a bouncy castle."

Top 8 household victims of children's destruction:

1. Paintwork / interior décor
2. Carpets / upholstery
3. Furniture
4. Gadgets
5. Glass / mirrors
6. Plumbing / electrics
7. Crockery
8. Garden


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