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Parties told rejigged energy policy could save UK £12 billion a year

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Parties told rejigged energy policy could save UK £12 billion a year


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Call for action over 'rip-off' energy bills Call for action over 'rip-off' energy bills

Ambitious recommendations have been laid out to all political parties on how the UK economy could save billions by placing buildings at the heart of energy policy.

Published this week, the Sustainable Energy (SEA) Association’s manifesto uses the government’s own online calculator to demonstrate how an ambitious programme of insulating buildings, while producing more energy directly from buildings themselves could net savings to the economy averaging £12.1bn per year from now until 2050.

This is equivalent to a £189 saving per year, every year, for every UK citizen.

The manifesto calls on all major political parties to adopt a renewed approach to energy policy, focusing on:

• An energy in buildings strategy.
• A major focus on the use of smart technology to treat buildings as an integral part of the energy system.
• A new approach to home heating, recognising the potential of the heating installer.
• A major infrastructure-based energy refurbishment of the UK’s buildings.

Dave Sowden, SEA chief executive said: “We have known for a long time that energy measures in buildings are cheaper in the long-run.

"Now the government’s own tools and assumptions yield the same answer. There is a compelling case here to create a much stronger focus in energy policies on buildings. This will reduce waste, enhance energy security, reduce imported fossil fuels, lower people’s fuel bills and make a huge contribution to the UK economy. It is win/win all round.

“Technology manufacturers, installers, merchants, financiers and engineers; all have mobilised to identify how we can deliver an ambitious and affordable energy future for the UK. This Manifesto is our appeal to all the main political parties to come with us and build new consensus on energy policy, with buildings at its heart.”


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