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Environmental Issues A Priority for Plymouth

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Environmental Issues A Priority for Plymouth


Published by Louise Manico for Plymouth Community Homes in Environment and also in Communities, Education, Local Government

Daniel Shelton, PCH Environmental Performance Officer Daniel Shelton, PCH Environmental Performance Officer

In a recent event titled ‘Under Stormier Skies: Tackling climate change – how prepared is Plymouth?’ experts met at Plymouth University to look at how vulnerable Plymouth is to the effects of climate change. There was a focus on what is being done to address climate change to make sure we are all prepared. 

Daniel Shelton (pictured), PCH’s Environmental Performance Officer, attended to demonstrate what we are currently doing to make our organisation more environmentally sustainable. He joined representatives from The Met Office, The Environment Agency, Climate South West, South West Water, Plymouth City Council talking about Plymouth Energy Community and Plymouth University’s Professor Iain Stewart (you may recognise him from BBC1.) 

Daniel said: “This event was really a good opportunity to explain to people why we are taking the environmental agenda seriously; put simply it makes sense to. By making our homes and business more efficient we are reducing residents’ energy bills and reducing our impact on the environment, what’s not to like?”

Our environmental agenda is a key part of our business plan and therefore impacts on many areas of our work including: 

  • Building new high quality energy efficient homes (currently to Level 4 of the code for sustainable homes).
  • Ensuring that waste from our decent home programme, offices and manufacturing department is recycled, wherever possible.
  • Providing homes with double glazing, installing loft insulation, water efficient systems and energy efficient boilers. 
  • Installing external wall insulation to 4,500 properties as part of the ECO deal.
  • Plans to significantly increase the number of properties with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to properties.
  • Making improvements to green spaces around our estates including creating urban woodlands and gardens.
  • Giving staff the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact by providing recycling facilities and encouraging green travel.
  • Replacing communal lighting with highly efficient LEDs.

The impact of these developments will:

  • Allow us to provide residents with the same great service with a reduced impact on the environment.
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues and what you can do to reduce their impact.
  • Reduce fuel bills for residents.
  • Make our outdoor green spaces more inviting and useful ie for food growing.
  • Reduce the amount of carbon we produce.
  • Reduce the amount of waste we produce.
  • Reduce water consumption and therefore bills.
  • Create a culture where the environmental impact of our work is always considered and managed.

We are doing this through partnership working and linking with thought leaders and experts on the subject, as with this event. As Daniel says: “We still have lots of work to do but there is a real appetite within the organisation to make these changes happen, we’ve got high ambitions for the coming years!”


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