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Wheatley Associates and Junifer Systems collaborate on vital back office systems for smart meter operators

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Wheatley Associates and Junifer Systems collaborate on vital back office systems for smart meter operators


Published by humbugpr for Wheatley Associates in Environment and also in Bill Payments, Central Government, Housing, Local Government

Bacton (Suffolk), UK – 11th September 2012. With the UK Smart Metering Implementation Programme now firmly within the Foundation Stage and preparations well underway for the start of the mass roll-out of smart meters in 2014, Wheatley Associates and Junifer Systems have announced a strategic collaboration for the provision of a vital, combined back office meter asset management (MAM) and customer information system (CIS) solution for smart meter operators and meter asset providers.


The collaboration will see Wheatley Associates and Junifer Systems pool their extensive expertise and industry knowledge of large volume, high throughput MAM and customer information environments to link their complementary JUMBO and Junifer Utility CIS software tools. It will equip smart meter operators with a combined meter asset / data flow management and customer information / billing solution capable of simultaneously supporting multiple data feeds from multiple meter types and formats, regardless of the manufacturer. The solution will be jointly marketed by both Wheatley Associates and Junifer Systems to all companies involved in smart meter operations including existing energy suppliers, meter operators and the new wave of emergent smart meter operators.


“TheUKsmart meter roll-out is a massive undertaking. Both the asset and data volumes associated with it are daunting,” said Jeremy Goulding, CEO of Wheatley Associates. “It is not just the number of new smart meters that will be installed but also the larger volumes of data that will be generated. Smart meter operators need the back office systems capable of supporting it all. Our collaboration with Junifer Systems is intended to provide the building blocks they need to achieve it.”


TheUKsmart meter programme is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the European Union. By 2019, it is intended that 50+ million new smart meters will be installed in 30+ million premises. In just the first two hours of operation, a smart meter will generate the same amount of consumption data on a customer that a standard meter would record in a year. In 10 days it will generate more data than would have been collected in the previous 100 years.


“So far, utility suppliers and meter operators have been focusing on the hardware and communications aspects of the smart meter roll-out programme,” added Paul FitzGerald, Sales and Marketing Director of Junifer Systems. “Now the emphasis is moving towards how to deal with the large volumes of data streaming in from the millions of new meters that will be installed. Naturally, questions are being asked about how best to turn this data into meaningful information to gain greater operational intelligence, maximise business potential and achieve market leadership. By working together with Wheatley we can provide smart meters operators with the systems capable of supporting the new smart meter infrastructure.”


Wheatley Associates’ JUMBO software enables smart meter operators to effectively manage their meter assets holding information for all the metering systems managed by the host company. It also processes the resultant data flows, automatically receiving, transmitting and validating both RGMA and DTC Data Transfer Network (DTN) data flows for the day-to-day running of electricity and gas metering operations. It also supports the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES), a mandatory requirement under the Master Registration Agreement, and its automatic audit trailing complies withUKdata legislation. It also generates industry-standard PARMS-compliant (Performance Assurance Reporting and Monitoring System) reports.


Junifer Systems’ Utility CIS is a complete end-to-end customer information and billing system that solves the unique challenges presented by smart meter billing requirements. The software supports automated processing of meter readings for gas, electricity and water and provides the ability to rate consumption records as they are presented to the system, enabling operators to offer innovative price plans to both reduce churn and attract new customers while also helping customers to reduce their overall energy bills and carbon consumption. Junifer Systems’ Utility CIS is a highly scalable and flexible product suite comprising Customer Relationship Management, Rating and Billing modules at its core with additional modules for MDM (Meter Data Management), Market Data Flow integration, Ticketing, Accounts Receivable and a Web Enabler.


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About Wheatley Associates


Wheatley Associates are experts in mobile workforce scheduling and efficiency. Drawing on its extensive software development heritage and its understanding of multi-dimensional scheduling requirements, the company provides a range of software solutions to manage complex, real-time mobile workforce scheduling demands. Applicable to a broad range of industries, markets and applications, the company’s mobile workforce scheduling solutions dynamically balance work allocations and take account of changing events to maximise productivity and ensure the optimal use of costly resources. The company’s scheduling solutions are backed by a comprehensive range of in-depth consultancy services designed to help clients understand and address the mobile workforce ‘Efficiency Bleed’. Additionally, with its leadership position in the provision of asset and data management solutions to the utilities industry, the company continues to be well-placed to take advantage of the emerging Smart Meter and Smart Grid initiatives. Wheatley Associates is a privately-held company based in Bacton, Suffolkin the United Kingdom. For further information, please visit:


About Junifer Systems


Headquartered in London, Junifer Systems provides complete Customer Information Systems (CIS) to the utility industry, specialising in billing systems for Smart Meter deployments. For today's utility Junifer is focused on developing the critical software applications to power the new “Smart World” where large volumes, innovative products/pricing and customer satisfaction will become the operational focus. With the momentum resulting from the rollout of smart meters, utility operators must adapt their operational stack to take advantage of the rich information delivered by the next generation meters.  For more details please visit:


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