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Redwood speaks of global warming 'benefits'

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Redwood speaks of global warming 'benefits'


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John Redwood MP

Former Welsh secretary John Redwood added his voice to the debate on the environment, listing what he said were the benefits of global warming.

The Wokingham MP, who is chairman of the Tory's Economic Competitiveness Policy Group, wrote in his online diary - or "blog" - that global warming had benefits as well as disadvantages.

He wrote: "We will benefit from the better weather for tourism, agriculture and outdoor sports. Fewer people will die of the cold and from snow and ice in the winter."

But he said that he was "sceptical" about the scientific theory of global warming, but acknowledged that the world's climate did appear to be getting hotter.

He wrote that the global warming theory should be tested, adding: "Meanwhile we are living in a period when things are warming up, so we should manage any unhelpful consequences of that and welcome the good effects it will have.

"We do need to increase the water supply in the drier south of the UK and make sure we have enough water stored in case we have longer drier periods, and we do need to improve sea defences in case there is going to be a combination of small rises in sea level and higher storm and tidal surges."

He added: "It also makes sense to work away at cutting the amount of energy we burn, and at reducing the amount of waste gas that our systems push out.

"Oil and gas is getting scarcer and dearer, and comes mainly from troubled parts of the world. We should reduce our dependence on it.

"The UK should try to lead in green technology, showing how we can maintain a good lifestyle, whilst burning less hydrocarbon, and burning what we need more efficiently."

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