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Remembering the fallen - Academy students hold event to raise awareness of forgotten WW2 battle

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Remembering the fallen - Academy students hold event to raise awareness of forgotten WW2 battle


Published by KDavison for New Charter Group in Education and also in Communities, Housing

Students from New Charter Academy held a traditional north-east Indian event to raise funds for the Kohima Trust – a charity set up to remember the fallen at the Battle of Kohima in World War 2.

Students from a Tameside academy paid homage to a part of WW2 sometimes referred to as ‘the forgotten battle’ next week, raising money for the charity set up in honour of its fallen.

Group in years 8, 10 and 11 from New Charter Academy in Ashton-under-Lyne invited members of the community, local cadets and the Royal British Legion to an open evening on Tuesday 18th March to remember the Battle of Kohima and raise money for The Kohima Educational Trust.

Kohima is a town in north east India that was invaded in 1944 when the Japanese tried to take control of the East.

British troops were stationed there to help defend the area and after the battle was won they set up the Trust as a thank you to ensure the education of the areas young people for years to come.

Students taking Public Service and Citizenship classes at the Academy, which is sponsored by New Charter Housing Trust Group, hope to pay homage to the sacrifices made and raise awareness and money along the way. Students who are part of the government’s Every Child Matters initiative are also taking part.

The evening saw creative work from the students, traditional food and entertainment for the 200 people who were invited.

Stephen Ball, principal at New Charter Academy said: “This is a great example of our brilliant students hearing about something that is not well known and wanting to do their bit to help.

“The students learnt about the Battle of Kohima in their citizenship and public service classes and wanted to raise awareness of it straight away. When they heard about the fantastic charity set up by British troops they wanted to get involved even more.

“We’re really glad so many people want to come and get involved in the event and we’re sure it will be a resounding success.”

Tony Powell, executive director of neighbourhoods at New Charter said: “This event promises to be really exciting, informative and original. The students have worked really hard to bring all of this together and it’s a testament to their hard work that so many people are coming down. Well done everyone.”Remembering the fallen - Academy students hold event to raise awareness of forgotten WW2 battle


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