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Frog launches new tools to transform assessment

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Frog launches new tools to transform assessment


Published by Champollion for Frog Education Ltd in Education

BETT 2014 sees Frog launch ground-breaking technology to transform assessment in schools.

Frog’s showcase at BETT 2014 will demonstrate the work the company has undertaken over the last year as it has developed whole school education solutions to complement its traditional learning platform offer.

Frog is an ideal technology partner for schools, combining the latest technology with direct consultancy to tailor its service to their individual needs. Its learning platform, FrogLearn, works seamlessly across all mobile and tablet devices. It is simple to use and allows teachers to create fun and dynamic lesson resources in a matter of minutes.

The company is passionate about using the best technology to maximise school performance, improve results and make learning fun.

Transforming assessment

Built under the guidance of renowned global assessment experts, the investment in this area shows Frog’s continued commitment to supporting schools to raise educational standards, as well as achieve their Ofsted or ISI requirements.

Powerful information for senior leaders

Frog’s new assessment tool, FrogPlay provides senior leaders with a helicopter view of whole school performance. Insightful information tracks student progression and achievement across the school, empowering senior leaders to celebrate success and highlight areas of improvement.

With granular reporting capabilities to analyse departmental results across years, key stages or groups, FrogPlay helps leader’s measure change and progress over time.

Personalised assessment

FrogPlay enables teachers to track the assessment and progress of each and every child. Teachers will gain a greater understanding of student capabilities, wellbeing, and the impact of teaching interventions on attainment.

Teachers can set personalised, self- marking homework from a bank of over 150,000 questions, together with tools to create new or adapt existing resources.

By providing teachers with meaningful information at their fingertips, Frog’s technology will support them to intervene in real time, to better support students and tailor their interventions to each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Incentivising and engaging students to raise attainment

Using games to motivate learners, FrogPlay facilitates effective homework, revision and exam practice while promoting independent learning. Students can track their progress, gain an understanding of how they perform on specific tasks, and discover the areas where they need extra attention.

Reports celebrate success and highlight areas in need of improvement, with rewards linked to progress, inspiring continual improvement.

Developing great learners

With the Frog Feedback App, launching at BETT 14, students will be able to self, peer and teacher assess their work in one easy to use system. By basing the technology on outstanding assessment principles, the Feedback App encourages students to become independent and self-sufficient learners and enables teachers to concentrate on what they do best: teach.

For more information contact Hamir Patel on or 020 3544 4947


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