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Texthelp launches UK’s first screenshot reader for the MAC with Read&Write 4 GOLD FOR MAC

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Texthelp launches UK’s first screenshot reader for the MAC with Read&Write 4 GOLD FOR MAC


Published by Livewire for Livewire Public Relations in Education and also in Communities, Local Government

As the popularity of the Apple iPhone and iTouch continues to drive a rising demand for MAC compatibility in education, Texthelp Systems ( announces the new version of its award-winning text-to-speech software Read&Write 4 GOLD FOR MAC. Designed to help students of all ages and abilities with reading and writing difficulties, Read&Write 4 GOLD FOR MAC is the UK’s first text-to-speech software for the MAC to offer both screen masking and a screenshot reader.

Particularly useful for those with learning difficulties, dyslexia or where English is a second language, the Read&Write 4 GOLD FOR MAC software works discreetly with all mainstream Windows applications. This offers users with literacy difficulties the opportunity to work in an inclusive manner alongside their peers and colleagues.

Having experienced a year-on-year rise in sales of nearly 31 percent for its MAC offering, Texthelp continually enlists the expertise of educationalists to help improve the software. Further to extensive industry feedback gathered at major trade shows such as BETT, The Education Show and ATIA Florida, Read&Write 4 GOLD for MAC now takes traditional whole screen masking to a new level. An invaluable concentration aid for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, basic whole screen masking enables them to tint their screen to block out any text they are not reading. Read&Write 4 GOLD for MAC takes this a step further by allowing students to underline and highlight the area under the mouse pointer using the new mouse spotlight tool.

As the first Screenshot Reader for the MAC to speech-enable inaccessible text, such as 'locked' PDF documents, Read&Write 4 GOLD for MAC saves students hours of time and money spent on printing, scanning, and editing information. The tool also speech-enables inaccessible Flash files which are frequently used by examination boards.

Supporting the government’s bid to provide students with anytime, anywhere learning opportunities, Read&Write 4 GOLD FOR MAC is now also available as a mobile version. The software is stored and run through a USB pen drive and is provided with a recovery DVD should the student need to reinstall it on their MAC.

Further updates to the software include instant speech as the student types in MS Word, an online dictionary and the ability to scan a PDF and capture Safari highlights into MS Word. Video walkthroughs demonstrating all the features are supplied with the software, helping students to get to grips with the technology quickly and easily.

Ben Wiltshire, a dyslexic student currently studying at Bournemouth University, comments: “The ability to selectively mask the screen means that there are no longer any distractions from the work you are doing. This will help those who are easily distracted, and will help everyone focus more on the work they are doing. Read&Write 4 GOLD for MAC has gone one step further with their screenshot reader, which now allows the user to have more documents read aloud. As a result, the user is no longer limited to the documents they can work with. Read&Write 4 GOLD for MAC now comes in a handy mobile version, perfect for those who use different computers throughout the day! Now that Read&Write can be taken everywhere, you are not limited and can continue your work anytime, anywhere.”

Mark McCusker, CEO of Texthelp Systems, comments: “As the government places greater emphasis on anytime, anywhere learning for students, there has been a marked increase in the demand for Apple technology such as the iPhone, iTouch and the new iPad. This in turn has heightened demand for MACs in schools, colleges and universities so it is vital that assistive technology such as text-to-speech software is available to students on the MAC platform.”

For further information about Read&Write 4 GOLD FOR MAC or Texthelp Systems, please visit the web site at, tel: +44 (0) 28 9442 8105, or e-mail



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