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UKIP MEP demands anniversary death penalty

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UKIP MEP demands anniversary death penalty


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UKIP MEP demands anniversary death penalty UKIP MEP demands anniversary death penalty

One of UKIP's latest Euro MPs has demanded the reinstatement of the death penalty - on the 50th anniversary of Britain’s last execution.

Louise Bours, one of UKIP's national spokespeople, said: “The public are fed up with the government’s concentration on the rights of the criminal, and are demanding the rights of victims and their families should take priority.

“The death penalty won’t bring back a tortured and murdered child, but it seems natural justice that the family will know the killer has paid the ultimate price and isn’t still breathing when their child is not."

Although Bours is in favour of state sanctioned executions, it is not official UKIP policy.

The MEP went on: “An innocent child has more of a right to life than the monster that took their life, so I see no ethical reason why we are obliged to keep him alive.

“Why should double cop-killer Dale Cregan be kept alive, after shooting them more than eight times and using a hand-grenade. His crime wasn’t impulsive or emotional, he lured them in with a fake 999 call and he’d killed two other people prior to that.

“Paul Bone, the father of murdered WPC Fiona Bone agrees that the death penalty should be brought back, and as his life has been devastated by a cold-blooded killer, I think his views should be listened to.

“The killers of Lee Rigby despise the UK and want to kill us all, yet we have to use tax-payers money to keep them alive and well in prison, and look after their ‘human-rights’."


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