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Equality in an age of austerity

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Equality in an age of austerity


Published by Dawn Prentice for Dawn Prentice Communications in Communities and also in Care and Support, Education, Environment, Health, Housing

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Trident Social Investment Group sponsored the Human City Institute’s annual lecture and took great pride in welcoming political activist Peter Tatchell, whose Equality vs Austerity lecture provided a fascinating and interesting insight into the current issues including housing, faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities.  The lecture held in Birmingham, was attended by over 100 guests from the housing and business communities across the Midlands.

The Human City Institute’s annual lecture was established in 2010 and is given by eminent speakers in ‘human city’ concepts including equality and social justice.  A strong advocate of embedding equality and diversity principles in all aspects of its work, the Trident Social Investment Group is committed to creating a fairer society for the communities it serves, as well as providing an equitable workplace for its staff.

Campaigning for human rights, democracy and global justice for many years, Peter works closely with Outrage! and the Green Party for which he is human rights spokesperson.  He set up the Peter Tatchell Foundation to promote and protect human rights at home and abroad.  Having written books and articles for the national press and a regular contributor to TV and radio, Peter Tatchell’s lecture was both engaging and enlightening.

As well as providing homes to 6,000 people across the Midlands, many of whom are the most vulnerable, the recently transformed Trident Social Investment Group includes housing associations, charities and social enterprises placing a social investment ethos and collaborative community working at its core.   

Peter Tatchell said:

 Britain has made great strides towards repealing discriminatory laws and providing a wide range of protection for women and minorities. Starting with laws against racial discrimination, we’ve progressively legislated to secure similar protections on the grounds of gender, disability, religion and belief, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. This legislative drive culminated in the Equality Act, where all of us are equal before the law: a milestone achievement for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people as well as for society in general.                                                                                                                           More…

A new Human City Institute report ‘Rainbow Rising’ reveals that these issues are increasingly recognised in social housing: very welcome since LGBT people still face discrimination in lettings, are at greater risk of homelessness, and sometimes suffer homophobia and marginalisation in supported housing.’                                                                  

Abigail Robson, Chair of Trident Housing said:

Peter is an exceptional individual; he is selfless and works tirelessly to fulfil his commitment to creating a fairer society for all.  On behalf of Trident, I would like to thank him for addressing us this evening and providing an interesting and stimulating lecture with invaluable insight into the needs of LGBT communities.  As a sector, our business is to provide homes to disadvantaged communities, many of whom are the most vulnerable.  Part of our role is to ensure that discriminatory laws are effectively interpreted and enforced, to achieve this we need to embed equality and diversity principles in all aspects of our work.’   

John Morris, Chief Executive of the Trident Social Investment Group said:                               

‘Despite the difficulties that austerity measures impose upon us, as social landlords we have a duty to the communities we serve, we must go beyond the letter of the equality legislation, after all, the home is where security starts, employment is sustained and life chances are built. And it’s where we need to build a fairer, more tolerant and a better informed society                                                                                                          


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