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A hat trick of good news for the Goodridges thanks to Spire Homes

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A hat trick of good news for the Goodridges thanks to Spire Homes


Published by Rebecca Mills for Longhurst Group in Communities and also in Housing

The Goodridges outside their new home. The Goodridges outside their new home.

A family of four have found their perfect home at Spire Homes’ latest development off Creed Road in Oundle. Moving in just two days after their wedding and a few months after the birth of their second daughter, having their new home was a third bit of good luck and happiness the family wanted in the last 12 months.

Carla and Tony Goodridge had been looking to move to the Oakham area for some time to be closer to Carla’s father and for a fresh start.

“The house came at a really good time for us,” said Carla. “Although we had a lot on with a new baby and the wedding, it was a relief to be moving to a home we could afford that was also in a great neighbourhood and with enough time to settle in before Christmas!

“This home is in a fantastic place for our children – we know a lot of the neighbours and are happy for Megan to go out with her friends which wouldn’t have happened at their old home. On top of that, we can afford the rent much more easily; we would have had our rent increased again at our old place. We’ve also got a better sized garden which we can manage and there’s a lot more room in general, and the house is around the corner from my dad’s house!”

“Everyone we’ve come into contact with has been very helpful and friendly. Our Housing Officer is great and the service has been really responsive so far.”

Making use of Spire Homes’ services, the Goodridge’s sought out financial advice from Steve, Spire Homes’ Money Guidance Officer to check they were making the right choices for paying back their wedding expenses.

“Although we weren’t in trouble it was really helpful to have someone giving advice and reassuring us that we were on the right track and making the most of the options available to us.

“We haven’t had a chance to go on our honeymoon yet but we’re definitely going to have one at some point!”


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