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Hot tub horror warning as villains stalk internet

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Hot tub horror warning as villains stalk internet


Published by Anonymous for in Communities

Hot tub horror warning as villains stalk internet Hot tub horror warning as villains stalk internet

Something truly shocking is occurring in the world of hot tubs, a group of hot tub experts have warned.

BISHTA (or the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association to the uninitiated) has alerted hot tub fans about the threat posed by online fraud.

Hard as it might be to believe, some crooks have taken to ripping off hot tub purchasers via online deviancy.

BISHTA is advising consumers that when purchasing a hot tub, they should look for an established supplier who operates from premises you can visit and one that keeps stock of both hot tubs and spares in the UK.

The trade group also recommends always asking to see the products you intend to purchase. However, if this is genuinely not possible, they should talk directly with other customers who have bought the products, for a recommendation.

BISHTA warns that it can be tempting to purchase a hot tub online, with some prices seeming, too good to be true.

Shockingly, there are occasions when customers have bought products from companies that are not BISHTA members, especially on the internet, thinking they are getting a great bargain, only to be totally let down by poor quality products, or shoddy after sales service!

In the longer term, this can end up costing even more money as a result of not asking the right questions from the outset, the mortified agency has revealed.

Hopefully, hot tub buyers everywhere will pay heed to BISHTA’s wise words and avoid having their summer destroyed by web-based chicanery.


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