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JOANNE MALIN launches FREE digital deal for Trident’s urban village

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JOANNE MALIN launches FREE digital deal for Trident’s urban village


Published by Dawn Prentice for Dawn Prentice Communications in Communities and also in Care and Support, Education, Environment, Health, Housing

Philip Bowen, Digital Inclusion Officer, Sean Humphrey & Joanne Malin Philip Bowen, Digital Inclusion Officer, Sean Humphrey & Joanne Malin

Radio and television personality Joanne Malin launched the Trident Community WIFI initiative earlier today, which includes FREE WIFI for all residents living on their central site that provides 670 homes to over 1000 people, located just off Broad Street, Birmingham.

Trident’s Community WIFI initiative is aimed at encouraging more of its residents to get online, improve their skills and enable them to benefit from wider internet services.

This initiative doesn’t just provide free WIFI for residents; it encompasses a diverse range of projects including direct support from Trident’s dedicated Digital Inclusion officer, who is a member of this year’s winners of Housing Heroes IT team of the year.  He is an expert mentor and is fully conversant with a range of technical solutions eg mobile internet WIFI clouds.  In addition, this inclusive initiative offers residents access to training in ICT literacy and promotes engagement with their neighbours, whilst learning new skills.

As well as providing homes to 6,000 people across the Midlands, many of whom are the most vulnerable, the recently transformed Trident Social Investment Group includes housing associations, charities and social enterprises placing a social investment ethos and collaborative community working at its core.   

Joanne Malin said: ‘This is the digital age, as a journalist who uses the internet all the time I know it is absolutely critical   for people to be able to get online, whether they are applying for jobs, studying for qualifications, managing their  finances online, or shopping around.  I am delighted to be here today to launch Trident’s Community WIFI initiative, which will benefit all the people living in Trident’s urban village in the city centre.’                                                                                                                                    

John Morris, Chief Executive of Trident Social Investment Group said:        ‘Getting online is part and parcel of 21st century life and being able to use the internet confidently is essential to managing your affairs and adapting to the changing culture of Universal Credit.  The purpose of this initiative is to provide our residents with the necessary tools for them to accesses all types of services, and by bringing the latest technology and residents together, we can break down the digital barrier at no extra cost to residents.  

‘Whilst ever more people of different ages and backgrounds are getting online, some people have been left behind, including some of our residents and as a social investment group, this is not acceptable to us.  Free internet access is also available at all of our offices and schemes.'                                                                                                                                                                                                

Trident resident Sean Humphrey said: Free WIFI and access to all kinds of services is just great – everyone is really happy about it and can’t wait to get online, and it’s fantastic that Joanne Malin has come along to be part of this – good times!’



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