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Ruckus after city's tallest tower renamed after American firm

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Ruckus after city's tallest tower renamed after American firm


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Heron Tower Heron Tower

A ruckus has blown up after the tallest tower in the City of London was renamed after an American software firm.

The 46-storey Heron Tower will henceforth be known as the Salesforce Tower London.

The name change is part of the deal that saw US firm become the building's biggest tenant.

However, one of the tower's other tenants, Powa Technologies, is displeased with the name change. Ant Sharp, deputy chairman, said: “The renaming of Heron Tower is a great disappointment to us at Powa Technologies.

"When we signed the lease it was with Heron Tower, a well-known, international property company, which felt like a suitable home for our global HQ. It has a lot of prestige in its own right, but importantly it’s also completely neutral to us.

"There is a big difference between being a tenant in a property company’s building and being a tenant in a building named for another tech company. Although it is not Salesforce’s building, it certainly now feels like it at this point, and the appearance is that we are simply subletting a few floors from them.

"The overall negative response to the renaming from tenants and observers alike makes it clear this was a big misstep.”

The building's owner, Heron International, struck the 15-year naming deal with after the firm agreed to lease 50,000 sq ft on six floors in the tower.

In a letter in to other tenants, Heron boss Gerald Ronson wrote: “ has agreed to pay all reasonable costs associated with the reprinting of your company’s stationery and business cards and related amendments you may need to make to your websites.”


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