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Ukip candidate calls for mass executions

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Ukip candidate calls for mass executions


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gordon ferguson gordon ferguson

A Ukip candidate has said that members of the three main political parties and possibly those that vote for them should be executed.

Gordon Ferguson (pictured), who is standing for the party in Southport, made the claim in a letter to voters when he wrote that Tories, Lib Dems and Labour members were "guilty of treason" having "conspired with a foreign power, the EU".

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he reiterated his tough stance, insisting that execution for treason "is the old English law, is it not".

When questioned whether or not those who vote for the 'treacherous' parties should be executed as 'accessories' he said: "If that is the law of the land that should apply."

He went on: "I want them to think about the implications of them supporting an organisation that is not working in the interests of the British people."

Posting on a Southport news site, one voter responded: "As someone who served Queen and Country for 22 years, is a proud British subject, has voted in every local, national and European election since 1973, because I have not only the right, but I consider a duty to do so, I wonder if I could request something of you.

"Could you arrange a face to face meeting with this individual so that he can, if he dares, call me a traitor to my face? I promise not to use my extensive training to do him any physical harm."

The latest ruckus follows a turbulent few days for the bungling party. Leader Nigel Farage apologised after claiming during an interview that no-one would want a group of Romanian men to move in next door.

He has since claimed that he was "tired" when he made the comments.


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