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Trident’s £1.2M home refurbishment pilot brings renewed homes and on the job training for residents

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Trident’s £1.2M home refurbishment pilot brings renewed homes and on the job training for residents


Published by Dawn Prentice for Dawn Prentice Communications in Communities and also in Care and Support, Environment, Health, Housing

Trident and SOAR Build partnership Trident and SOAR Build partnership

Trident Social Investment Group and social enterprise SOAR Build launched a £1.2M major refurbishment pilot earlier today.  The partnership will renew windows, kitchens, roofs and bathrooms and install green technology in the homes of 500 residents over the next 10 months, with the added value of 25 residents securing 6 week pre-employment placements.

As well as providing homes to 6,000 people across the Midlands, many of whom are the most vulnerable, the Trident Social Investment Group includes housing associations, charities and social enterprises placing a social investment ethos and collaborative community working at its core. In line with this approach, the pilot will inform the Group’s long term procurement arrangements, including improvements, repairs and the maintenance of all homes within its portfolio.  As a community anchor, Trident’s main concern is to improve the quality of life of its residents, enhance their life chances and improve the cohesion of the communities in which Trident works.  

Extensive consultation with residents is currently underway, with regard to the personalisation of a selection of improvements.   All materials will be responsibly sourced and value for money, and include Trident’s existing partners and local suppliers.  In addition, SOAR Build will be renting a Trident property to use as an office and to store some materials, although there will be a planned delivery programme to ensure minimum disruption to the community and surrounding area, alongside effective management of the pilot’s carbon footprint.

Abigail Robson, Trident’s Chair of Housing said: ‘Trident has a long history of making significant economic, environmental and social contributions to our local economy and the communities in which we work.  The pilot will be delivered in partnership with SOAR Build - a major social enterprise, creating value for money, which includes the professional development of our in-house teams and on the job training for residents, as well as informing our long term procurement arrangements.  It has all the tangible benefits that social investment brings, whilst generating significant social value within Trident and in the communities we serve.’

John Morris, Trident Social Investment Group Chief Executive said, ‘As a social investment group, it is important to look after our homes and involve residents in any decision making that directly affects them, including choosing how they want their homes to look.  People enjoy personalising their homes, and having greater involvement in the management of them.

‘By enabling our residents to be directly involved in the delivery of the pilot, provides the chance for them to develop their skills and gain valuable work experience, which will help them to access employment opportunities.  This is a positive step for residents and the organisation, as cohesive neighbourhoods are reliant upon personal and community wellbeing.’

Paul Senior, Director, SOAR Build said, ‘As a social enterprise, we understand the importance of working in partnership and delivering value for money services that make a difference to people’s lives.  We will be based in Trident’s Birmingham office, to enable us to maintain a collaborative and responsive approach to providing this improvement pilot and helping the Trident Social Investment Group fulfil its mission to improve the quality of life for its residents and enhance their life chances.’


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