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'Haunted' doll that attacked child sold on eBay

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'Haunted' doll that attacked child sold on eBay


Published by Anonymous for in Communities

doll doll

An allegedly haunted doll that apparently attacked a child has been sold on eBay.

The hideous effigy's anxious owner flogged the thing for £108 after it scratched his/her son's face in his sleep.

Though clearly disturbed, it would seem the seller was willing to continue living under the same roof as the ghastly cloth moppet until the online auction was complete.

The frenzied parent penned a gruesome sales pitch on the site: “Need this doll gone NOW!! We hear odd sounds and my son has been scratched on his face in his sleep.

“He’s started to sleepwalk. I don’t want this doll in the house anymore!!”

The lucky winning bidder now has an appalling figurine to share the winter nights with.

The seller added: “I’ve have also woken up with bruises on my leg with no explanation as to how they got there. And my eldest son has also said he saw a boy in his room one night he said he had like a whitish face and he walked by and just flew out the window.”


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