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Gay or straight - out and proud

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Gay or straight - out and proud


Published by Christine Howles for Wolverhampton Homes in Communities

Wolverhampton Homes One is Gay campaign Wolverhampton Homes One is Gay campaign

Gay or straight – staff at Wolverhampton Homes are rallying behind its ‘Proud To Be Me Network’ to mark International Day Against Homophobia, biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHO day) and launch the housing company’s latest campaign to become a nationally recognised gay-friendly place to work.

Up until 24 years ago, being gay was still classed by the World Health Organisation as a mental disorder. Fortunately we’ve moved on a lot since then which is why we’re backing International Day Against Homophobia, biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHO day).

May 17th 1990 was the day that homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organisation’s international classification of diseases. It has been marked on this day every year around the world since 2005 to raise awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights to end discrimination based on sexuality and/or gender identity, creating a fairer, more equal society.

To mark the day, Wolverhampton City Council is set to fly the Rainbow Flag in the Piazza outside the Civic Centre on Friday May 16 and we’re flying our rainbow flag at our head office. By flying the rainbow flag, we’re not only celebrating this day but as a reminder of the importance of publicly condemning hate crimes against people because of their sexual orientation or identity.

Together Wolverhampton City Council and Wolverhampton Homes want to create a welcoming and prosperous city which respects everyone, and where all communities can live and work peacefully and respectfully together. We hope flying the rainbow flag, sends out this clear message.

Martha Bishop, General Manager of LGBT Network Wolverhampton said:

"The flying of the flag shows an important symbolic support and commitment to creating a fair and equal city for us all, and a bright future for LGB and T* people.  I feel very proud to be part of such a great city, moving forward, and really making a difference."

IDAHO day also sees the launch of the latest Wolverhampton Homes “Proud to be Me” campaign. The new “One is gay, if that bothers you..." posters featuring LGBT and straight ally colleagues, including chief executive Lesley Roberts, are being displayed across the organisation. The campaign’s message is clear, it doesn’t matter if you’re LGBT or straight – you should be proud of who you are!

Lesley Roberts, said: 

"It’s been a really high profile year for the LGBT community with same-sex marriage finally making its way onto the statute book. But we can’t rest there. I feel it’s so important to mark IDAHO day and send out the message that discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity must stop.

"I’m really proud of the work my colleagues from the ‘Proud to be Me Network’ have been doing and was proud to include my face on this new campaign. Together we’re making a difference and let’s hope we can continue to see progression in equality for the LGBT community."


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