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Housing provider’s work with residents recognised nationally

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Housing provider’s work with residents recognised nationally


Published by Anonymous for Circle in Communities and also in Housing

A local housing provider has gained national plaudits for the way it involves residents in decision making and helps to improve their lives.

Circle Housing Circle 33 has for the first time been accredited by national housing body the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) for its positive work in the community, including pioneering resident led initiatives and helping local people to find work.

The social landlord - which manages over 8,000 homes across Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest - has devised a number of new schemes to encourage more residents to get involved and help shape its services.

Ten fully trained ‘resident inspectors’ have been appointed by the provider to monitor the quality of services and, if necessary, hold it to account. The mystery shopper style programme also gives residents the opportunity to gain invaluable experience which could open doors to a career in the housing industry.

Kay Aydin, 29 from Hackney, said “I initially became a resident inspector because I wanted to understand more about the organisation and what help I could get if I have an issue with my house.  However, as time has gone on the scheme has increased my confidence and allowed me to regain my focus on my life goals. I really love being part of the group and have met some really passionate people at Circle Housing.”  

In the past year alone the provider has helped over 80 local people into employment and offered careers guidance to more than 200 residents.

Neil Brown, Managing Director for Circle Housing Circle 33 said: “We are putting residents at the centre of everything we do and, working together, we can create strong communities that people can be truly proud of. We are pleased to receive national recognition for our work, but we know that the role our residents play is absolutely critical to our success.”     

TPAS accreditation lasts for three years and is only awarded to landlords who can show that they genuinely involve a wide range of residents in the planning, delivery and monitoring of their services. The seven month process involves a full assessment of the organisation including interviews with residents and employees.



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