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Food bank sees donations soar 1000% after 'utterly vile' Mail on Sunday attack

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Food bank sees donations soar 1000% after 'utterly vile' Mail on Sunday attack


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Government's moral case for welfare reform 'a sham' Government's moral case for welfare reform 'a sham'

A food bank charity has seen donations soar by over 1000% in the wake of a widely slammed Mail on Sunday article that attacked the organisation.

The Trussell Trust has received over £53,000 in donations after the newspaper sent in an undercover journalist to claim food.

The MoS report argued that "scroungers" are abusing the charity and flouting its rules.

The paper's undercover journalist managed to claim a food parcel by claiming he was unemployed.

The MoS raged that the charity didn't do any background checks on the reporter and happily handed over the food.

The paper used the report to question the charity's recent claim that nearly one million people turned to its food banks in 2013-2014.

However, the MoS's attempt to undermine the charity backfired drastically, with social media networks reacting strongly to the article.

One donator said: "Keep up the amazing work you do. I find the recent attempts to slander foodbanks utterly vile."

Reacting to the article, the charity said: "The Trussell Trust feels that these undercover methods, used by Daily Mail journalists, to enter the premises of our voluntarily run food banks is an unacceptable attempt to tarnish not only the name of the Trussell Trust, but also the valuable efforts of the 30,000 volunteers who selflessly give up their time to provide a valuable service to people in real need."


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