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Poverty campaigners to live on £1 a day

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Poverty campaigners to live on £1 a day


Published by Anonymous for in Communities and also in Health

Doorstep money tips for Salix Homes tenants Doorstep money tips for Salix Homes tenants

Poverty campaigners plan to live on £1 a day for five days to highlight the health of poor and marginalised people around the world.

Members of the Health Poverty Action group will take the 'Live Below the Line' between 28 April - 2 May.

Now in its fourth year, Live Below the Line inspires action for the world’s poorest people.

By living on just £1 for food and drink for five days, participants raise both vital funds to support anti-poverty projects around the world and raise awareness that 1.2 billion people are currently living below the poverty line.

Amongst the participants is Regina Bash-Taqi, who manages Health Poverty Action’s programmes in Sierra Leone.

Though from South London, Regina spent much of her childhood in Sierra Leone and is living there now.

She says: “The poorest people in Sierra Leone spend most of their day in activities that simply lead to the provision of food for that day, constantly worried about what will happen if they become ill and have no money.”

“The money raised will help to strengthen women to look after their own health and that of their family.”


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