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Liverpool drug dealer faces eviction if anti-social behaviour persists

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Liverpool drug dealer faces eviction if anti-social behaviour persists


Published by Roisin Rowley-Smith for Riverside in Communities and also in Housing

A convicted drug dealer has been warned that he will face eviction from his home if he continues to bring misery to his neighbours with anti-social behaviour.

Following complaints about loud music, gangs congregating and dangerous dogs barking throughout the day and night, Marcel Bonner, 25, of Cadnam Road, Liverpool, has agreed to abide by certain codes of conduct  after his landlord, Riverside, secured a possession order suspended for three years.

Neighbours started to report incidents at the house in early 2013 when one of them became ill, due to the stress of living with loud music, dogs barking throughout the night and fights in the street.  They also suffered intimidation, including a bag of dog excrement and a soiled sanitary item dumped in their garden and verbal threats.  

Neil Townsend, Riverside’s divisional director, said:  “The residents of Cadnam Road have had enough.  We take all allegations of anti-social behaviour very seriously and we hold our tenants accountable for the actions of their families and visitors. The courts have this time agreed to suspend eviction, providing Bonner puts a stop to his nuisance behaviour.”

Just six months ago Bonner was convicted of possession with intent to supply cannabis, and possession of the class A drug ecstasy, receiving a suspended jail sentence.  But within a couple of weeks, neighbours reported gangs of youths back at the property, more loud music and cars coming and going.

Despite receiving a number of warning letters from Riverside, Bonner continued a persistent and continual breach of tenancy causing serious distress to his neighbours.

The terms of the suspended possession order include:

  • Not playing music between the hours of 11pm – 8am
  • Not owning another dog apart from the two already at the home
  • Complying with his tenancy agreement
  • Having no more than three visitors to his home at any one time
  • Not allowing dogs to become noise nuisance to neighbours

Neil Townsend added:  “There are no more second chances.   If Bonner fails to abide by the terms agreed as part of the suspended possession order, he will face eviction.  I would like to thank the neighbours for coming forward with their evidence in this case.  The majority of decent people living in our neighbourhoods should not have to suffer distress and intimidation caused by the few.” 


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