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Majority of Brits not fenced off from one another

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Majority of Brits not fenced off from one another


Published by Anonymous for in Communities

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The majority of Brits are happy to approach their neighbours about fencng issues, a survey has revealed.

The research by Allianz Insurance found 80% of people are willing to work with the households they border to resolve fencing problems.

The bad weather that recently hit the country blew down 28% of the nation's fencing.

However, the survey also found that one in 10 Brits don't know which side of their garden boundary is their responsibility to maintain.

But despite boundaries often being perceived as a source of conflict between neighbours, Richard Simpkins, claims manager at Allianz, said: “It can often be difficult to establish ownership of garden fences, particularly if they have been in place since you and your neighbour moved into the properties. However, there are a few tell-tale signs of ownership that homeowners should be aware of.”

Allianz says that homeowners trying to establish if a fence is their responsibility should look at their property deeds.

Often the documents have a ‘T mark’ on them. If the ‘T’ is facing into your property it means that boundary is your responsibility.

Allianz says that if ownership is unclear and neither party has any knowledge of responsibility, it is best for neighbours to try and come to an agreement and share costs, as prolonged disputes can be costly and stressful.

Richard Simpkins added: “We suggest homeowners should find out which fences are their responsibility and establish this with their neighbours in a sensible and reasonable way. It is definitely the quickest, cheapest and friendliest way to solve the problem rather than getting involved in a legal dispute.”


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