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Christian summit to call for action on payday loan firms and betting shops

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Christian summit to call for action on payday loan firms and betting shops


Published by Anonymous for in Communities

Betting shop Betting shop

Delegates at a Christian summit to be held next week have been urged to join a campaign stop betting shops and payday loan companies being classified as financial institutions.

'The Summit', a major gathering of left-wing Christians involved in community action, is taking place on 18 February at the Vauxhall Christian Centre in London.

The gathering will bring together Christian activists from around the country and will look at the role faith plays in Christian work in communities, as well as challenging people to think about political as well as social action.

Delegates will also make donations to the Vauxhall food bank.

Christians on the Left director Andy Flannagan said: "The whole theme of The Summit will be on how Christians can best put their faith into action to help their local communities.

"However, we need to combine social action and social entrepreneurship with political action too. For example, local communities should have some control over the number of betting shops and payday loan companies in their area. These institutions suck money away from local communities. They crowd out the potential for transforming communities so everyone is better off and has hope for the future. But it is difficult to make progress while they are classified as financial institutions.

"Social action on its own is not the whole answer. That's why at The Summit we will be asking when political action is necessary for the church, and asking delegates to personally take a step in that direction."


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