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Lottery Funding for More Inclusive Sport

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Lottery Funding for More Inclusive Sport


Published by Angela May for Clos-o-Mat in Communities

Northcroft Leiure Centre is one that is already more accessible with a Changing Places toilet Northcroft Leiure Centre is one that is already more accessible with a Changing Places toilet

More than £10m of lottery funding has been announced for the Inclusive Sport fund, to enable disabled people to participate more fully. Total Hygiene, the UK’s leading disabled toileting solutions company, is urging sport providers to remember participation extends to personal hygiene and changing facilities.

 The money aims to build on the success of the 2012 Paralympic Games, and is available to projects that add or expand an existing programme and demonstrate that the applicants understand the needs of the disabled people being targeted. It compliments the Inspired Facilities fund, which provides capital for building projects, a new raft of which will be available in February 2013.

 “Appropriate changing and toilet facilities are a vital part of encouraging any people to play sport,” says Robin Tuffley, Total Hygiene marketing manager. “For thousands of disabled people, existing accessible (Document M type) toilets do not give them the space or equipment they need to go to the toilet, get changed etc. The grant funding specifically states that people’s different abilities need to be addressed; to our mind, that extends right through to enabling them to undertake personal hygiene. Indeed, under BS8300, it is good practice to include facilities such as a Changing Places accessible toilet in any building to which the public gave access.” 

 Changing Places facilities are larger than conventional disabled toilets; in addition to adequate space to enable a wheelchair user and their carer to manoeuvre, they include as standard a hoist, height adjustable changing bench and peninsular WC. Total Hygiene, sponsor of the campaign, finds that many venues further incorporate its Clos-o-Mat ‘wash and dry’ toilet in place of a traditional WC, in that the integral douche and drier of a Clos-o-Mat enable the user to toilet without having to wipe clean afterwards, or be manually cleansed by a carer, thus increasing hygiene, dignity and independence.

 Total Hygiene is already experienced in advising on, providing, and maintaining appropriate toilet facilities in sport and leisure venues, such as Northcroft Leisure Centre, where the company installed a Changing Places toilet with a Clos-o-Mat wash and dry (automatic) toilet “The Changing Places room has been well received. It is a wonderful facility. In the year we have had the Changing Places toilet open, we have only had one negative comment: that was simply asking for a chair to be included in the room, which we have done,” says Centre Manager Alex Godfrey. “If Changing Places toilets are strategically positioned- for example so they interconnect with amenities- we believe they can have a notable, positive impact on visitor numbers.”


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