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It’s never too late to get crafty

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It’s never too late to get crafty


Published by Laura Beckett for Halton Housing Trust in Communities and also in Care and Support, Health, Housing

Evelyn Evelyn

A talented 83 year old woman from Old Town in Runcorn wants to inspire older people to take up arts and crafts to help stay young at heart.

Writer, artist and sculptor Evelyn Hayes became a published author in her late seventies and wants to encourage people of a similar age to keep their minds active and stay young.

Halton Housing Trust customer Evelyn has written four books about Halton, some of which are still sold in The Curiosity Book Shop on Old Town’s High Street.  ‘Educating Runcorn’, details Runcorn schools from 1600 through to 1970 and ‘Personal Stories - Lost Landmarks and Times in Runcorn’  is full of tales from local residents about times gone by.

Evelyn’s writings also led her to discover her home, Brunswick House, after she visited to interview someone for a book. She has now lived at the supported accommodation for three years after her previous home became too big for her.

Evelyn said: “To combat old age I’d advise older people to get absorbed in crafts. You can forget everything that’s wrong with you and it’s also a lot of fun!  As the years go on you have to stay interested in life and if you keep doing things, you won’t get old!”

After working in finance as a credit controller for most of her adult life, Evelyn wanted a career change so she opened a shop selling dolls and doll’s houses on High Street in the early nineties.  As Evelyn always loved dolls, she decided to start making them and set up a mail order company called ‘Craft Kinder’ where she sold doll making kits to people around the world before officially retiring from work at 65. The 83 year old has also tried her hand at making teddy bears and clay ornaments.

As well as running Scribes and Scribblers, an adult writing group which meets every week, Evelyn makes wire sculptures and felt paintings. If this list wasn’t enough, she is learning to make jewellery and plans to start a course at Warrington Collegiate College in the New Year.



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