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Jail for ASBI-breaching nuisance tenant

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Jail for ASBI-breaching nuisance tenant


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Jail for ASBI-breaching nuisance tenant Jail for ASBI-breaching nuisance tenant

A man has been given a 12-week jail sentence for breaching his antisocial behaviour injunction (ASBI).

Philip Proverbs was handed the ASBI in September after it was applied for by Sheffield Council. District Judge Birkby took the unusual step of granting a Power of Arrest, which meant the police could arrest Proverbs for breaching the terms of his injunction.

Proverbs, 38, lived with his mother at her home on Hucklow Road, Firth Park in a block of flats reserved for people aged over 40.

Soon after moving in, Proverb began pestering his neighbours with loud music and offensive language.

In July he threatened a neighbour and her daughter. He was arrested and charged with a public order offence and was sentenced to a supervision order, given 60 hours unpaid work and a restraining order.

He had also been threatening towards staff from the council's ALMO, Sheffield Homes.

Proverb's injunction prevented him from being in a defined area in and around Hucklow Road, including his mother’s flat.

He was arrested by police on 11 November after trying to gain access to his mother’s address.

The council's barrister informed the court that the evidence from the police was that Proverbs had been aggressive and resisted arrest and later said when questioned that he would return to Harlow Road after he was released, adding "I'm going back all the time".

Judge Moore gave Proverbs an immediate 12 week sentence of imprisonment, saying "It's clear to me that you regard this Injunction as a piece of paper that means nothing to you, and which you will breach again and again".

Cllr Harry Harpham, Cabinet Member for Homes and Regeneration, said: “This sends out a clear message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and all proven breaches of tenancy agreements will be enforced. We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously and we aim to ensure that all of our tenants feel secure in their homes."


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