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High-tech bike lock turns cameras on thieves

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High-tech bike lock turns cameras on thieves


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The bike lock alerts CCTV cameras to the getaway route

A high-tech bicycle lock which can sense when a thief makes off with a bike - and even alerts CCTV cameras as to the getaway route - was unveiled today.

The University of Portsmouth has helped develop the lock, which was the brainchild of its dedicated police officer Pc Dave Fairbrother.

It begins working when the bicycle's owner locks up his bike at a special rack and sends a text message to a security office.

If someone moves or tries to move the bicycle, a sensor in the lock emits a silent alarm. This triggers a CCTV camera to zoom in on the bicycle's location.

An alarm is also sent to security staff who can view the live CCTV footage and send out a guard if necessary.

The £6,000 system has undergone a three-week trial at the Hampshire university and is ready to go live.

Pc Fairbrother said: "Bicycle theft is a huge problem and, in the past, it was often luck if a bicycle thief was caught. The CCTV cameras could be pointing the wrong way, for example.

"But with this technology we will always be watching and any attempted theft of locked bicycles will result in the thief being captured on camera.

"The motion sensor lock will also act as a deterrent.

"I want to make criminals think twice before targeting us. I want them to think 'don't go on university grounds, they have got excellent technology'."

Designers SoS Response, of Winchester, hope the system will be adopted by universities, councils and businesses nationwide.

Managing director Leonard Weaver said: "This solution to bike thefts is unique. It is the first of its kind and has huge potential for a wide range of applications."

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