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Kilroy-Silk's quiz show and Celebrity Wrestling 'worst TV shows'

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Kilroy-Silk's quiz show and Celebrity Wrestling 'worst TV shows'


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The stars lined up for Celebrity Wrestling

Robert Kilroy-Silk's short-lived quiz show and Celebrity Wrestling have been deemed two of the worst programmes to have made it on to British TV.

Authors of The Penguin TV Companion have trawled through the last six decades to find the shows which should never have been aired.

From the 1950s they picked the BBC's About the Home, which ran for eight years from 1951 and demonstrated how women could improve their cookery, needlework, shopping and even puppy training skills.

From the same decade, they also chose The Adventures of Long John Silver.

Jeff Evans, the editor of the Penguin book, writes: "Robert Newton hams it up as the rolling-eyed, grog-swilling ship's cook in a series of strangely empty plots set on a Caribbean island, with dreary background music that seemed to be stolen from a crematorium's sound system."

The worst of the 1960s includes the US series My Mother the Car, in which a man finds his mother has been reincarnated in his vintage vehicle and that she continues to nag him through the car radio.

The "nauseating variety show" Junior Showtime is also amongst the worst of the decade alongside Curry and Chips, starring Spike Milligan as an Asian-Irish factory worker nicknamed Paki Paddy.

The intention was "to expose the lunacy of the bigots" but it "was lost amid a sea of crude jokes".

From the Seventies, Evans selects Come Back Mrs Noah about a housewife accidentally blasted into space aboard Britain's new rocket.

The Eighties saw the BBC try to resurrect the success of I, Claudius with The Borgias, about the infamous Italian dynasty.

Evans writes: "Casting native Adolfo Celi in the lead role was a grave mistake, given his fractured English, and thereafter the whole affair descended into farce. Even the Vatican expressed its horror."

A Year in Provence, featuring John Thaw, is one of the worst programmes of the Nineties.

Following the success of Peter Mayle's book the BBC thought they had a hit on their hands.

"But stereotyped local characters and a ham-fisted attempt to use both French and English in the dialogue soon saw viewers flick to the other side," says Evans.

Shafted, Kilroy-Silk's quiz show, which was pulled by ITV after just a few editions, is one of the worst since 2000, alongside Celeb, Harry Enfield's portrait of a fading rock star, and ITV's Celebrity Wrestling, which was quickly pulled from primetime.

Worst TV Programmes seen on British TV


About the Home (1951-8)

The Adventures of Long John Silver (1957)

The White Heather Club (1958-68)


My Mother the Car (1965)

Junior Showtime (1969-74)

Curry and Chips (1969)


Mind Your Language (1977-9; 1986)

3-2-1 (1978-87)

Come Back Mrs Noah (1978)


Bottle Boys (1984-5)

The Borgias (1981)

Top of the World (1982)


Cop Rock (1991)

Brighton Belles (1993-4)

A Year in Provence (1993)


Shafted (2001)

Celeb (2002)

Celebrity Wrestling (2005)

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