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DCLG to merge with DWP

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DCLG to merge with DWP


Published by Anonymous for in Central Government and also in Communities

dwp merger dwp merger

The Department for Communities and Local Government is set to merge with the Department for Work and Pensions - dependent on the decision of an MP.

The MP, Eric Pickles MP, will decide on whether the DCLG should join the DWP after factoring in figures from the ONS and the UKBA.

Talking on the BBC, the MP said the DWP was "ideal" for the DCLG, and the departments could data share on things such as ASB and HB.

Pickles, who has a BA with the OU in PPE, is the de facto CEO at the DCLG, but should the merger go ahead, he will fall under IDS, the MD of the DWP. IDS has an MA with the LSE.

IDS said: "Under present conditions in the EEC, the UK, not like the USA, or even the old USSR, is struggling financially and it makes sense for departments to merge. For instance, I know the MoJ is thinking seriously of joining CID with the CPS and all the regional CJUs. And why not go further? Imagine the increased support for the ECO if the DECC fused with the MoD.”

The NHF, CIH, SFHA, TPAS and HCA have all reacted positively to the prospect of a fully DWP-merged DCLG.

Should the merger go ahead, the new department will be known as DWPNIDCLGWTF.


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