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Fury over Tories' 'patronising' beer and bingo advert

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Fury over Tories' 'patronising' beer and bingo advert


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Fury over Tories' 'patronising' beer and bingo advert Fury over Tories' 'patronising' beer and bingo advert

The Conservative Party has been slammed after releasing an advert celebrating yesterday's budget cuts to beer and bingo taxes.

Coalition partners the Lib Dems along with Labour have condemned the ad, branding it “patronising”.

The advert, which is only available online, says that yesterday's budget cuts of 1p in beer duty and the halving of bingo duty to 10% will help "hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy".

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Lib Dem Danny Alexander, said that the ad "demeans some sensible things in the budget" and admitted that he at first thought it was a spoof.

Speaking to the BBC, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said the add was "clumsy and ham-fisted".

Balls added: "They cut tax on bingo, which is a good thing. They took a penny off a pint of beer - you've got to drink one hundred pints of beer to save a pound.

"They then put an advert out which says we've done things to help working people with 'the kind of things they enjoy'.

"'They'? It was so patronising! I can't believe the chancellor. Did he really sign this advert off? Does he really think that he can just say to people who are working people, well look bingo and beer that's all you care about.

"What about energy prices? What about youth jobs? What about getting on the housing ladder? What about small businesses who can't get bank loans?

"On all those things he was silent. He's not going to fob off and patronise people in our country."

A frame from the advert was posted on Twitter by Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps - and provoked a savage reaction.

One Twitter user posted:" Wow! The government advert about bingo and beer is just incredible! At least we all know our place now!"


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