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MPs to vote on bedroom tax as government moves to close loophole

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MPs to vote on bedroom tax as government moves to close loophole


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Commons backs referendum on election shake-up Commons backs referendum on election shake-up

MPs are gathered in the House of Commons this afternoon to potentially give a 'vote of no confidence' on the government's bedroom tax.

Earlier this year it was discovered that the Department for Work and Pensions had overlooked key legislation when drafting the controversial under-occupancy policy, which exempts anybody who has been claiming housing benefit continuously from the same residence since 1996 from its effects.

The government moved to close the loophole this month, which some campaigners have estimated has affected up to 100,000 people, but Labour working in league with Green MP Caroline Lucas forced a Commons vote to give MPs a chance to stop it being closed.

Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman said: "This cruel tax does such damage to disabled tenants because some spare bedrooms are used by overnight carers. The government must be living in a dream world."

Caroline Lucas said: "We know this legislation is cruel and counter-productive. This tax is pushing disabled people out of adapted properties. This policy is borne out of a reactionary narrative. There are simply insufficent amounts of smaller properties for people to move into."

The vote is due later this afternoon. More to follow.


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