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Home Office handed petition to ban Hungarian extremist from UK

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Home Office handed petition to ban Hungarian extremist from UK


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gabor vona gabor vona

A petition has been handed to the Home Office urging it to ban a Hungarian extremist from entering the UK.

Gábor Vona, leader of the Hungarian far right Jobbik Party and founder of the now outlawed ‘Magyar Gárda Mozgalom paramilitary guard’, plans to attend an event in London this weekend.

Labour London Assembly member Andrew Dismore will join representatives from campaign group HOPE not hate to deliver the petition, which calls on the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to use her powers to exclude Vona from the country.

The petition states:

"As a supporter of HOPE not hate I strongly believe in the preservation of our most basic human rights, not least that of freedom of speech. However, with rights come responsibilities and we must work as a community to protect against the politics of hate and incitement.

"This weekend we mark Holocaust Memorial Day, a period of history which to all our shame saw hate destroy hope. We are therefore calling on you to ban Gabor Vona, the leader of the racist and antisemitic extremist party Jobbik, from entering the UK as his politics of hate are simply not welcome here."

Andrew Dismore said: “Today I am standing alongside HOPE not hate and am urging the Home Secretary to take a stand and stop Jobbik’s message of hate being broadcast on the streets of London. Jobbik are the most powerful outwardly fascist political party in Europe. Their level of support in the Hungarian elections shows how their message of hate has spread. Thousands of people have signed this petition, their message is clear – Gabor Vona must be banned.

“London is a diverse city and we must take a stand against those who have no other aim than to incite hatred. Our Jewish and Roma communities in London, for whom Jobbik reserve special hate, need defending against their filthy ideas. All our residents need protection from the undesirable audience of far right activists he is likely to attract. I have no doubt that all decent thinking people in Camden and London as a whole will join with me in demanding that the Home Secretary says ‘No to Jobbik’."


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