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New research launched to tackle retail loss

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New research launched to tackle retail loss


Published by University of Leicester Press Office for University of Leicester in Central Government and also in Education

Professor Adrian Beck of the University of Leicester Department of Criminology. Professor Adrian Beck of the University of Leicester Department of Criminology.

Experts in retail crime are to spearhead a major four-year investigation into innovative new ways of tackling loss in the retail sector.

In collaboration with the University of Leicester, ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) Europe, are leading the way in developing new ways to combat the problem.

With the addition of a new researcher and University of Leicester PhD student, Megan Bornman, the ECR Europe Shrinkage Work Group plans to improve industry knowledge and understanding on a wide range of retail loss related issues.

Projects will include:

  • Understanding the impact of loss on shelf availability.
  • Charting the potential impact of developments in mobile scanning technologies.
  • Exploring the links between employee satisfaction and loss.
  • Discovering the challenges of managing loss in multi-channel retail environments.

Working with the Head of Criminology at the University of Leicester, Professor Adrian Beck, who has been the academic advisor to the Group for over 10 years, Megan will be conducting various research projects focussed on shrinkage and loss in the retail sector.

Professor Beck, of the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester, said: “Globally the retail industry loses hundreds of billions of Euros a year despite investing in a plethora of so called technological solutions. These projects are designed to get the retail industry to reflect more deeply on the root causes of loss, focussing particularly on operational failures”.

Megan, who is a specialist in retail crime with a background in the industry, said: “I am excited to be a part of the Group and am looking forward to being involved in new areas of research on retail loss. Through various topical research projects, I am confident that we will uncover new perspectives and insights into a wide range of aspects related to loss in the retail industry. I believe the production of new knowledge and understanding is essential in developing more effective methods of loss prevention as well as useful tools that could aid retailers and manufacturers to better manage loss in their organisations.”

Adrian and Megan aim to increase awareness of the Group’s unique outlook on loss in the retail industry. Particularly, ECR Europe’s holistic focus on all sources of loss in the retail industry, including investigating shrinkage originating from the manufacturing environment as well as within the retail setting. The Group hopes to further establish their presence within the retail community as an active forum that provides a unique, fresh look at the problem of loss as well as providing ongoing and up to date support catering to the needs of the retail community. In line with this, Megan will be responsible for creating an active web presence, through the use of various social media forums and websites, as well as the initiation of new modes of disseminating the findings of the research being conducted.

Professor Beck added: “The ECR Europe Shrinkage Group has established itself as a leading think tank on the topic of shrinkage and loss in the retail sector. With the addition of Megan to the team, it can really begin to enhance the work that it does and develop new knowledge to help the industry better manage the significant problem of loss. In line with ECR Europe’s aim of enhancing existing approaches and perspectives, the addition of a dedicated researcher to the group specifically focused on investigating and exploring relevant areas of retail loss signifies the start of a new and exciting journey for the Shrinkage Work Group.”


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