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Milton Keynes Credit Union Chooses CUS

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Milton Keynes Credit Union Chooses CUS


Published by Graham Tomlin for Credit Union Solutions Ltd in Central Government and also in Education, Health, Housing, Local Government

graham tomlin graham tomlin

A chance telephone call about a completely different subject enabled Milton Keynes Credit Union and Credit Union Solutions to get together as client and contractor some four years after they first met.

In 2007 MKCU chose to employ a part time member of staff in preference to using the services of CUS. The result was that the credit union grew and developed significantly until personnel changes and continued growth necessitated that MKCU look again at how they could manage their business more effectively. This resulted in the MKCU Board of Directors accepting the proposal made by CUS at their last meeting.

Graham Tomlin CEO of Credit Union Solutions said.

“This is just about the best way possible to start a new year. I spoke to Philip Turnbull the Chair of MKCU late last year on a totally unrelated topic and was asked to make a proposal to their Board to provide administration for the credit union for the next three years.

MKCU is extremely well organised with eight collection points across Milton Keynes and an army of volunteers staffing the collections and providing advice to members. I am certain that we will be able to work well with their volunteers whilst taking away some of the administrative drudgery that gets in the way of their development.”

Credit Union Solutions is part way through transferring from a Company Limited by Guarantee to an Industrial & Provident Society. The next CUS Board Meeting at the end of January will approve the amendments to its constitution to ensure that co-operative status is just a formality.

Last year the CUS Board agreed to the addition of a number of non executive Directors. Accordingly representatives from M for Money, Ealing and Thamesbank Credit Unions joined the CUS Board which will expand again to add a representative from MKCU.



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