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TV doctor and presenter team up to raise awareness of care solutions for the home

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TV doctor and presenter team up to raise awareness of care solutions for the home


Published by Anonymous for Circle in Care and Support

Care and support provider Centra, part of Circle Housing, has enlisted television’s Dr Dawn Harper to raise awareness of care that allows people to remain in their own home.

The television doctor best known as the host of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies will lead a new campaign to get older and vulnerable people the right care and support to live independently. Dawn will work with Centra to engage worried relatives, medical professionals and those in need of help about the range of support available, which includes home care and telecare.

This Morning and Loose Women presenter Ruth Langsford is also backing the campaign after signing up to Centra’s telecare service Centra Pulse for her 84-year-old-mother Joan.

Dr Dawn Harper said: “As a practicing GP, many concerned relatives come to me because they don’t know what to do about their parents’ care. I’ve found that many are more likely to turn to a care home when it comes to looking for support. This is a drastic move which can often be costly and not the right solution for someone who can live more independently. The reason for this is simple. People don’t know enough about more appropriate solutions which can protect safety and independence in and out of the home, like telecare.

“That’s why I’m working with Centra to make sure millions get the right help for their needs. I’m asking fellow medical professionals to join me in spreading the word about the wide range of care and support services available which could include telecare technology, sheltered accommodation or home care.”

Ruth Langsford said: “It became clear that my mum found it difficult to ask for help when my father developed Alzheimer’s disease. There was nothing we could do or say to get her to admit she might need some more support. She once confessed to sitting with him all night when he had a fall until they could get help from a neighbour in the morning, because she didn’t want to worry her own family.

“Dad passed away last year so now Mum lives alone. She’s as fiercely independent as she ever was and, although she’s 84, she dashes around like a twenty year old! Thanks to Centra Pulse my mum can now remain safe and independent in her own home as she has the help she needs at the touch of a button. It’s heartening to discover that Centra offers a wide range of care and support services to help older and vulnerable people stay safe, independent and in control, with their dignity intact.”

New research by Centra and YouGov found that while 15 per cent of people with a parent aged 65 and over had asked them about whether they would be happy to go into a care home, just one percent have spoken to their parent about getting telecare at home*. Telecare technology includes personal alarms, fall detector sensors and GPS devices which support vulnerable people, including more than 100,000 Centra customers, to live more independently in and out of the home.

Allyson Kay, Managing Director at Centra Care and Support, said: “Dr Dawn Harper and Ruth Langsford are as passionate as we are about helping older and vulnerable people live more independent lives for longer. They both speak eloquently and from personal experience about some of the issues facing people in need of more support to stay living independently. Their involvement will help us spread the word that there is a wide range of care and support out there which can suit a variety of different needs.”

The involvement of Dr Dawn Harper and Ruth Langsford forms part of a six month campaign for Centra that will be supported by press and display ads, digital activity, direct marketing and PR.

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