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Retrofit Award 2010 Winner: Metropolitan Housing Trust London

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Retrofit Award 2010 Winner: Metropolitan Housing Trust London


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24housing magazine editor Jane Gething-Lewis presents the award to Seb Juneman and Helen Wilkins from Metropolitan Housing Trust London 24housing magazine editor Jane Gething-Lewis presents the award to Seb Juneman and Helen Wilkins from Metropolitan Housing Trust London

Metropolitan Housing Trust London has been named winner of the 24housing Retrofit Best Practice Award 2010. MHTL’s Neighborhood Investment Unit received the highest score from our panel of expert judges, beating off stiff competition from Wherry Housing Association and Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership.

The Neighbourhood Investment Unit is more than half way through a ‘whole house’ package of works on 600 hard-to-treat homes in Haringey, and adopts a back to basics approach focusing on insulation and resident education.

Receiving the award from 24housing editor Jane Gething-Lewis, Helen Wilkins, Relationship Manager for the Neighbourhood Investment Team said: “We’ve been doing this for some time now, and it’s very nice to have recognition for the hard work that’s been going on, and the results we have achieved.”

“The work we do is really embedded in the organisation, with support right from the top,” she added. “It’s not just about the refurbishment of properties; it’s about investment in the communities and improving the lives of residents.”

Seb Junemann, Sustainability Officer for Metropolitan Housing Partnership said the work of the Neighbourhood Investment Unit is putting MHP ahead of the game in the retrofit arena. “Tackling our existing homes’ energy efficiency is more important than ever, and with the government’s new Warm Homes standard about to start, we’re glad to be learning lessons now.”

“It’s a really positive affirmation to have judges from a wide range of relevant perspectives recognise what we’re doing,” Seb added.

Dane Elliott, Director of Sustainability for award sponsor Keepmoat, said: “We would like to congratulate the Metropolitan Housing Trust; deserving winners of this year’s Retrofit award.

“Retrofitting of existing housing stock forms a key part of Keepmoat’s business strategy and is fast becoming the focus of the social housing sector as landlords seek to reduce their carbon emissions.

“It is essential that housing associations, construction companies and architects all work together to create social housing projects which embrace low carbon building technology.

“We all have a moral duty to protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions and help tenants reduce their household bills. I’m very proud that Keepmoat is already working at the forefront of the environmental agenda by building homes to Code levels 3,4,5 and 6 under the Code for Sustainable Homes.”   


“This project looks at microgeneration as a longer term economic solution rather than a quick fix, which is an encouraging and forward looking approach.” Mat Colmer, Energy Saving Trust

“The finished result is a committed refurbishment programme that dramatically cuts carbon emissions and offers a template that could be applied on a greater scale throughout the country.”  Paul Roche, SIG Sustainable Solutions

“Particularly exciting was the resident involvement and the fact this was done on scale.” Andrew Eagles, Sustainable Homes


Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership – Municipal Terrace, Dumfries

“I like the idea of leaving some flats as an ‘expo’ to educate, empower and inspire.” Wayne Hemingway, designer, Building for Life

“With a reasonably low budget for the project, the anticipated CO2 savings of 80 per cent is highly commendable.” Paul Roche, SIG Sustainable Solutions

“A good example of an exemplar project that demonstrates the range of retrofit low carbon technologies possible.”  Barrington Billings, Glendon Property Services

Wherry Housing Association – Greening the box

“This project has clearly focused on getting the basics of environmental performance right rather than becoming seduced by eco-bling.”  Jim Vine, Building and Social Housing Foundation

“A very strong aspect is that this project is being monitored on life cycle analysis, thermal performance and energy consumption.”  Andrew Eagles, Sustainable Homes

“The project has to be commended for the ambitious ‘natural heating regime’ that relies almost purely on natural light and heat.” Paul Roche, SIG Sustainable Solutions

Editor of 24housing magazine, Jane Gething-Lewis, said: “24housing is delighted with the response to our competition, which confirmed what we already knew – that social landlords are leading the field in the UKs retrofit challenge. Without exception, all your projects demonstrated commitment to reducing carbon using efficient, innovative and practical delivery methods, from one bedroom apartments to large scale regeneration. But there is still a lot of work to be done: not just in the number of properties still to undergo retrofit, but also in the political arena – lobbying for more government funding, raising awareness and educating your tenants.  Congratulations to MHT and to everyone who took part – and if you have yet to begin your retrofit programme, you’ll find inspiration and advice at


  • The UK needs to achieve an 80% reduction in carbon by 2050: Climate Change Act 2008
  • Housing accounts for 30% of the UK’s CO2 emissions
  • 26m homes refurbished to near zero carbon by 2050; that’s the equivalent of 65,000 per year or 12,000 homes per week

With thanks to the 24housing judging panel: Andrew Eagles, Sustainable Homes; Mat Colmer, Energy Saving Trust; Jim Vine, Building and Social Housing Foundation; Paul Roche, SIG Sustainable Solutions; Barrington Billings, Glendon Property Services, Wayne Hemingway, designer/Building for Life.  Also to sponsors Keepmoat and to Paul Critchley of Diamond Isle Sculptured Glass for the stunning handmade recycled glass 24housing Retrofit Best Practice Award 2010 trophy.  


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