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Simple money management

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Simple money management


Published by Shoreline for Shoreline Housing Partnership in Bill Payments and also in Housing

Shoreline money support assistant Stephen Brady with Shoreline tenant Alison Wingate Shoreline money support assistant Stephen Brady with Shoreline tenant Alison Wingate

Rent on time and automatic bill-payments are benefitting both tenant and landlord thanks to an innovative financial partnership in North East Lincolnshire.

With Universal Credit fast approaching, Shoreline Housing Partnership has teamed up with Leeds City Credit Union to provide straightforward, simple bill-paying accounts to help account-holding tenants make regular timely payments without worry.

Tenants can have their wages or benefits paid directly into the Credit Union account, who then prioritise the bills and pay the rent directly to Shoreline.

Tenants do not have to physically make a payment or set up a direct debit, taking away the worry of paying bills each and every month.

Shoreline chief executive Tony Bramley said: “Welfare reform and the current economic climate are having an impact on many local people.

“Tenants are able to set up accounts to take better control and management of their money and ensure their rent is paid – particularly useful for when benefit payments are paid directly to tenants through universal credit.”

Shoreline tenant Alison Wingate said: “Working with Shoreline has really helped me manage my money. I’ve set up both a bill-paying account and a savings plan and it’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

“I definitely feel more in control now - knowing that my bills are automatically paid from the account means I don’t have to worry about it plus I know that what money left is there for me to use on other things.”

Automatic bill-payments are part of a range of financial services for tenants launched in January including budgeting and saving accounts, as well as low cost loans with fairer rates of interest and dedicated support to help Shoreline tenants manage their money.

The range of financial products are aimed at those who would otherwise find themselves excluded, providing a professional and accessible alternative to high street banks.


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