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Labour lose two but win by a whisker in Scotland

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Labour lose two but win by a whisker in Scotland


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Labour lost two seats in the latest council by-elections

Labour lost two seats in the latest council by-elections but narrowly won a crucial contest in Scotland.

Liberal Democrat Ralph Scott took a Kentish Town seat at north London's Camden Borough where his party became the largest on the authority in May's main polls.

Labour also went down to defeat at Dawley Magna, Telford and Wrekin Borough, at the hands of Adrian Williams of the Telford and Wrekin People's Association.

But, despite a big swing to the Scottish National Party, it held Renfrewshire Council's Elderslie seat by just 65 votes.

The win - Labour's first north of the border for nearly a year - will, however, be a relief to Scottish Secretary Douglas Alexander as it comes in his Paisley and Renfrewshire South constituency.

As defeat would have been cataclysmic, there will probably be a disproportionate lift in Labour's morale ahead of next year's Scottish parliamentary and council polls where the party faces a fierce challenge from the SNP.

The historic contest, the last first past-the-post council election in Scotland before next May's switch to proportional representation, took place in the area which claims the birthplace of resistance leader William Wallace.

The only polling station was at Wallace Primary School.

Turnout out was a creditable 47% - unlike most of the other by-elections where it fell.

Analysis of all seven results suggests a projected nationwide Tory lead over Labour of 14.4%.

A calculation based on four wards where all three parties fought both times gives a projected line-up of: C 43.4%, Lab 28.1%, Lib Dem 21,5%.


Camden London Borough - Kentish Town: Lib Dem 1093, Green 812, Lab 808, C 198. (May 2006 - Three seats Lib Dem 1421, 1268, Lab 1213, Lib Dem 1198, Lab 1087, Green 1057, Lab 1042, Green 772, 760, C 308, 306, 271). Lib Dem gain from Lab. Swing 2.3% Lab to Lib Dem.

Conwy County Borough - Kinmel Bay: C 385, Lab 267, Ind 155, BNP 132, Lib Dem 62. (May 2004 - Ind 592, C 443, Ind 430, Plaid Cymru 402, Ind 329, Ind 263, Ind 255, Lab 236, 234). C hold. Swing 1.2% C to Lab.

Gravesham Borough - Central: C 689, Lab 463, Lib Dem 109. (May 2003 - Three seats C 862, 838, 806, Lab 704, 663, 640). C hold. Swing 3.5% Lab to C.

Horsham District - Denne: Lib Dem 550, C 456, BNP 171, Ind 78, Lab 54, Ukip 40. (May 2003 - Two seats Lib Dem 703, 631, C 600, 579, Lab 123). Lib Dem hold. Swing 0.7% C to Lib Dem.

Renfrewshire Council - Elderslie: Lab 608, SNP 543, C 198, Lib Dem 159, Scottish Socialist Party 50. (May 2003 - Lab 1060, SNP 406, C 184, Lib Dem 150). Lab hold. Swing 16.1% Lab to SNP.

Southend-on-Sea Borough - West Shoebury: C 765, BNP 243, Lab 180, Lib Dem 173. (May 2006 - C 1175, Alliance Southend 456, BNP 360, Lab 352, Lib Dem 198, Mums Army 140). C hold. Swing 3.9% BNP to C.

Telford and Wrekin Council - Dawley Magna: People's Association 649, Lab 476, C 446. (May 2003 - Three seats Lab 1522, 1488, 1268, C 878, 844, Socialist Alliance 359, 305). People's Association gain from Labour. Swing 9.8% Lab to C.

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