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RIBA hails lobbying success on VAT cut for home repairs

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RIBA hails lobbying success on VAT cut for home repairs


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

RIBA hails lobbying success on VAT cut for home repairs RIBA hails lobbying success on VAT cut for home repairs

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has lobbied successfully for a change to UK legislation, which will allow VAT to be reduced from fifteen to five percent on all home maintenance and repairs.

The decision to allow EU Member States to lower VAT to five percent on some goods and services including home maintenance and refurbishment was taken yesterday by European Finance Ministers.

It has been one of the key issues lobbied on consistently by the Institute, helping architects survive the recession through the generation of more work, enabling the Government to cut carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050, as well as benefitting millions of UK homeowners by assisting those who cannot afford vital repairs to their homes.

Anna Scott-Marshall, Head of Public Affairs at the RIBA, said: “This announcement is fantastic news for architects and homeowners, marking a significant step forward in our campaign to help the profession work through the recession.

“The economic situation is worsening by the day and is having a profound impact on architects who are the hardest hit of the professions. Architects can have a real role in this work, working with homeowners and housing associations on how to refurbish their homes.

"There needs to be a large refurbishment programme to tackle climate change and there is no better time to do this than now. The RIBA is committed to doing what it can to mitigate the impact of the global financial crisis on architects; the profession as a whole is going through a very difficult time and more measures such as these are needed to help support the industry.

“The UK government wants to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050 and if the UK decides to implement a reduction in VAT on refurbishment, this decision will help them achieve this.

"It will mean that energy efficient repairs and maintenance will be much more affordable for many home owners and means that the 75 per cent of buildings here today which will still be standing in 2050 can be adapted to be better equipped for the future.

“We urge the Government to take this action. The Government released its Heat & Energy strategy consultation which looks at how homeowners will retrofit their homes. A reduction in VAT would make this more of a reality in persuading home owners to take action.”


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