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West Yorks PCC: did he start as he means to go on?

Published by Yvonne Hutchinson on Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 00:04 am

They say you should start as you mean to go on but I’m not sure that was the case for the new West Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner Cllr Mark Burns-Williamson. 

When I pulled up on Friday night at the church gates where the count had taken place I found the newly elected PC C and his election team huddled together in the cold.  They were on one side of the locked gates and their cars were on the other.

Labour Party election campaign organiser Kathryn Rose explained that they had gone out for a celebratory drink only to find the car park closed when they returned.  Fortunately for them, I was just stopping by to pick up the church minibus for our weekly team of volunteers to go out into the red light district with hot drinks, a listening ear and support for women wanting to exit the trade. 

The PCC and his team were over the moon to be reunited with their vehicles.  But in hindsight, given they had had been out for a tipple it may have been more beneficial to his new career if he’d  left his car where it was, come on a fact-finding round with our team and then picked his car up after the Sunday service, having had some prayer for guidance!  

Anyway, as long as he wasn’t over the limit I really do want to wish him well in the new role.  It may not have been a great start but surely, things can only get better!



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