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Police, Commissioner Elections, Inaction!

Published by Phil Morgan on Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 11:28 am

"Through my present role I have a wealth of experience dealing with the police, Crown Prosecution Service, probation and all associated agencies.

The Police are public servants and I want the public to have confidence that Greater Manchester Police is the best Police force in the country. As Police & Crime Commissioner my main aim will be to cut crime across Greater Manchester. I am sick and tired of the thugs and criminals who make the lives of innocent people a misery. That is why I want to crack down on anti-social behaviour and so called low-level crim. I will:

• Make sure victims of crime are at the centre of events from early investigation, kept in touch with progress and treated with the dignity they should expect.
• Ensure that the anti-social neighbour and the local yob know the police will stop them from terrorising our communities. Victims will get a response within 24 hours.
• Keep our neighbourhood policing by building partnerships with community groups, local councils and right across the criminal justice system to tackle and prevent crime.
• Tackle domestic and sexual violence and exploitation of children as a top priority.
• Dealing with violent crimes and burglaries as a top priority.”

Welcome to the Police Commissioner elections! The above is a combination of statements from all five candidates in Greater Manchester and all five (men) have experience, support the police, are supportive of victims, support neighbourhood policing and want to cut crime.

When visiting my parents this weekend (who would normally see it as a civic duty to vote) they complained that they had received nothing, knew nothing about the candidates and where uncertain whether they were going to vote.

During the Salford mayoral election I at least got leaflets (from the Labour party) and a booklet with details of most of the candidates. In casting my vote (by post) today I also had received no information about any of the candidates and only had the option of visting the website. Which is not an option for my parents who don’t have (and don’t want to have) access to the internet.

The timing of the election is about as bad as it can get. Local Council by-elections are notorious for low turnouts at this time of year but at least there would be some canvassing in the dark and cold, and leaflets through doors.

So we have a new set of elections, timed at the worst time of year and with little or no information about the new role or the candidates. Just how can a turnout get before it threatens the legitimacy of the elected postholder?


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