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Picture of Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt


Published Wednesday 23rd April 2014

I spent some time over Easter digging down into the latest reports released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – as part of its 5th Assessment Report. And I found myself getting increasingly angry that the dominant responses to this extraordi...

Picture of Lynne Featherstone

Lynne Featherstone

Haringey Council does it again

Published Tuesday 15th April 2014

Another day, another mess up by Labour-run Haringey Council. In the past we’ve seen yellow lines painted days before the entire road was dug up and potholes filled days before resurfacing work. And they still haven’t learnt. This new roundabout below ...

Picture of Yvonne Hutchinson

Yvonne Hutchinson

"It's all good"

Published Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Last week’s Panorama programme about fraud in the NHS was shocking!  It’s difficult to imagine how apparently respectable professionals can watch NHS budgets being slashed and still stick their greedy mitts in to extract even more!  I’m sitting i...

Picture of Steve Ellard

Steve Ellard

Sexy Housing

Published Sunday 15th December 2013

"So, you’d like to work in social housing?" - said no Careers Officer; ever.  Okay, so that may be a little presumptuous. There may be a handful of teenagers out there, somewhere, who are desperate for a career in social housing. I highly ...

Picture of Anne Rowlands

Anne Rowlands

The real world

Published Friday 22nd November 2013

I found very startling a new study that tracks, over a period of 18 months, how people are living and coping with Welfare Reforms across the North of England. The study, by the Northern Housing Consortium, tracked the lives of 74 households affected by...

Picture of Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan

Yes to Homes, No to Homes?

Published Friday 22nd November 2013

Recently I took part in a BBC Three Counties interview about Yes to Homes. They had already interviewed someone from the National Housing Federation and I was happy to chip in with broadly supportive comments. Feeling faintly smug I was driving later th...

Picture of Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien

Public health: Prevention not cure the best medicine

Published Friday 21st June 2013

While there are few surprises when it comes to local government’s ability to attract the blame for issues of national significance they have had very little control over, even a cynic like myself was shocked at how quickly they became the whipping boy...

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